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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Justifying accusations of violence

Recently, there have been a number of statements accusing the Muslim faith of standing for hatred, violence and inhumanism. Some came from Cartoonists, and politicians ("murderers, women mutilators and limb amputators"), and one also came from the Pope, quoting ancient texts.

The interesting fact is the timing of such a quote, as is expanded upon here.

The first thing to bear in mind is that this kind of violence is not unique to the Muslim world, and the Christians and Jews have been both as horrific - although this neither mitigates nor justifies the actions of the Muslims.

The Muslim world should learn something. When accused of violence, when Mohammad is caricatured with a bomb for a turban, then shooting people, burning stuff and blowing people up only justifies such an image. If accused of murder and violence, demonstrating exactly such qualities only makes more people stand up and agree.

The Jewish world is also (in Israel) demonstrating the cheapness with which it views human life, and that it is prepared to kill many, many innocents for purposes of an ideal.

The group who I really fear, right now, are the far Christian right groups who seriously believe it is the end of days, and as such, are happy to supply bombs to Israel to blow us all to kingdom come. The BKs (Brahma Kumaris) also beleive in the end of days, ready for the next cycle, but they refuse to use violent means to acheive such a thing.

Not all Jews, or Muslims or Christians are extreme, dangerous, and violent, only a minority, and those who are riot inciters. I strongly suggest that the peaceful majority representations of each religion take such cases, and put them in the straight jackets and padded cells they belong in. These violent people are sick, dangerous and need psychiatric care.


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