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Friday, July 28, 2006

This is democracy?

The UN, many differnet countries gathered trying to solve a very serious conflict.
We have been here many times before. The majority opinion is that some sort of neutral peacekeeping intervention is necessary.

But two countries, and sometimes only one, use the opposite of a vote to prevent the will of the people. One of these countries already prevented such a force from intervening some 10 years ago, or even more recently when the whole nasty mess may have been prevented much earlier before fostering so much hatred and extremism.

Both of these countries claim to be "western democracies". One of them has a leader, who even after an elected gathered assembly have made their choices, uses the opposite of a vote to oppress the majority will.

This is not democracy at all. A veto is the opposite of a vote, and in any nation, or organsiation that claims to be democratic, a veto should have no place. Veto's are undemocratic, and undermine a collaborative effort by allowing one dissenting individual the power to prevent the rest from acheiving a goal which has majority support.

Yes George W Bush, I am mostly talking about you. But saying that, our very own Tony Blair really is not helping. Please stop being Bushes poodle. Please find some will power and free thought of your own.


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