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Friday, July 28, 2006

This is democracy?

The UN, many differnet countries gathered trying to solve a very serious conflict.
We have been here many times before. The majority opinion is that some sort of neutral peacekeeping intervention is necessary.

But two countries, and sometimes only one, use the opposite of a vote to prevent the will of the people. One of these countries already prevented such a force from intervening some 10 years ago, or even more recently when the whole nasty mess may have been prevented much earlier before fostering so much hatred and extremism.

Both of these countries claim to be "western democracies". One of them has a leader, who even after an elected gathered assembly have made their choices, uses the opposite of a vote to oppress the majority will.

This is not democracy at all. A veto is the opposite of a vote, and in any nation, or organsiation that claims to be democratic, a veto should have no place. Veto's are undemocratic, and undermine a collaborative effort by allowing one dissenting individual the power to prevent the rest from acheiving a goal which has majority support.

Yes George W Bush, I am mostly talking about you. But saying that, our very own Tony Blair really is not helping. Please stop being Bushes poodle. Please find some will power and free thought of your own.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Can it be that the "Special Relationship" is nearing an end.

BBC News - Minister condemns Israeli action

A UK Minister, Kim Howells, of the Foreign Office, Uk, has strongly criticised Isreal action, and whats more, has pointed out the gaping problems in US Foreign Policy

"I very much hope that the Americans understand what's happening to Lebanon. The destruction of the infrastructure, the death of so many children and so many people. These have not been surgical strikes. "

Whats more, this viewpoint has been backup up by number 10 - and the official spokesperson for Tony Blair, who states that the prime minister would not take exception to these comments at all.

Unfortunately, in our Countries criticism of Israel, our own actions of the past have come back to haunt us when a Lt in the Israeli Army stated "
We told them to leave the towns and villages. We gave them notice of when we were going to attack.", and went on to say "No army in the world is doing that. I didn't see the British or Americans doing that in Iraq warning the people to leave and then bombing."

Lt Colonel Yishou Efroni has a point, and the Isreali's claimed to have used leaflets and loudspeakers to advise people to evacuate, they have somewhat missed the point, that much of the world didnt think it was right of the Uk or the US to go to Iraq either, and that justifying one wrong based on the precedent of another is a seriously flawed and somewhat dangerous route to start down. I am sure such justification is what the Japanese military took in the second world war when they carried out the most terrible of their monstrosities in Nanjing, China (which makes Pearl Harbor look like a "Surgical Strike").

Well, I was out in London today, joining the Stop The War protests, as I did before the Iraq war.

I urge Mr Blair not to join the affray on this one, unless it is to send a contingent of peacekeepers to force Israel to stand down, route out Hezbolla and rebuild the Lebanese infrastructure. Both Hezbolla and the Israeli Administration should stand trial and receive lengthy punishments for their behaviour.

Homophobia, hate, violence and Religeon go hand in hand

BBC UK - Gay and Christian Police Row

This artical goes over a brewing row between the GPA - The Gay Police Association and the CPA - the Christian Police Association, after publication of an advert showing a bible beside a pool of blood, with the words "In the name of the Father".

Like it or not, religeon is a number one cause of homophobic behaviour, in both Christian, Jewish and Muslim religeons, to the extent of those like Sizzla who actively talk of seriously violent behaviour towards gay and lesbian people.

The CPA protest they are not homophobic, and yet, in the same breath, they say they do not reject Gay members, but require them to become celibate to join it as they beleive "homo-erotic behaviour is inconsistant withour world view".

Look, if the person is not physically trying to butt rape you personally, by holding you down, or having sex in public (which would be absolutely no more acceptable were it heterosexual sex), then doing what they do in closed doors is doing you no harm. Many anti-gay biblical mentions were there because of many men having to live in tents in the middle of the desert (as are so many other wierd biblical laws) and have absolutely zero relevance in todays society.

Those who use religeon as an excuse for discrimination, and worse still violence, are no more than hooligans. I welcome the current tube ad-campaign on ridding the work place of sexual discrimination. Unfortunately, I welcome less the "bible texts on the underground" campaign.

Hopefully, this kind of behaviour will allow the religeous groups to cut themselves enough rope to hang themselves with their own stuffiness and irrelevance. Get lost - we dont want you, we dont have a morality that involves not blowing the living daylights out of each other because we write his name that way and they write his name another, we dont have rules that say "dont each fish on a thursday" (!???) or that discourage learning and questioning and human development. We have our own moral code, of non-interference if it isnt hurting anyone else, and helping out where we can, of not going to war except in proportional retaliation to another violent incursion (Isreal - you are NOT proportionate - you are responding with massively over the top violence), of learning as much as we can and gaining understanding, of building links between communies and not finding reasons to seperate them.

Not only is it time to firmly state that I do not need religeon to have a very strong moral sense, but time to say that the religeous were never that much of a moral lot to begin with. The Christians, Jewish and Islamic religeons historically have mass genocide to answer for, and to be fair, are still no less reponsible for bloodshed todya than they were then. Who are the suicide bombers? The scientists, engineers and educated? No - mere religeous zealots who's only education have been the twisted words of sneering old men who are actually more interested in personal power than piety and world peace.

The religeous say god is love, if this is so, why are they required to conduct so much hate and violence in his name?

What can I say, religeon and oil, two things this planet would be vastly happier and vastly safer without.

Yahoo Music

BBC News - US Yahoo offers copy-free music

Yahoo are one of the first ompanies to offer mainstream, non-DRM'd music. Isnt it a shame the site does not work in Firefox. You cannot listen to the radio, and clicking the buy button (yes I really was interested enough to attempt to buy some Ulrich Schnauss), leads to a page with an internal server error 500 page.

Come on Yahoo! You can do better than this.

Now how long is it before google follow suit with a version that runs on my mobile, PDA, Firefox, Opera and IE with full album text search and related albums? I for one will be ready with my credit card for when they do.