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Monday, June 05, 2006

Its been a while

Well, I got rather sad, and angered by many recent events. So I took it easy, and had myself some time out.

The problem is, some people think you need religeon to be a moral person. Unfortunately, sometimes the religeon has supplanted their morality completely. Indeed - the christian bible explicitly tells them not to follow their own moral compass. Let me suggest something - if you are doing something you know is going to injure someone, and they have not tried to injure you - personally, directly, then you are probably doing something wrong.

Blowing people up in the name of any God is not only immoral, but should make you want to question the sanity of the religeous leaders who think such things. Sure, sanity is relative, but even some of the craziest lunes dont think suicide bombing is a good plan. The state of the Muslim and Jewish religeons now need to be seriously considered - as they are swinging to extremism, violence and beginning a backslide to much darker times. I stand on my high moral ground because I didn blow any body up, or sanction doing so, and feel quite justified to do so.

Now while I can moan, rant and whinge about the injustices of the day, I would probably sound like every other moaning, whinging and frankly somewhat boring blogger on the planet.


I am sure some of them equally hold my sentiment that most religeon is bunk, and may be causing more harm than good.

So, it is my decision to try and post small suggestions, small things I think will make people get more out of their life, and generally make life less unpleasant for those around them.

Lets start with one simple one:

What goes around, comes around.

The way you behave affects everybody you interact with. Generally in life, the worse you treat people, the worse they treat you. Respect somebody, and you can normally expect respect back. It is true that you will get people who will take advantage of this, but you can simply start off with respect, and when they behave that way, remember never to bother to go out of your way for them again.

If you hold a door open for somebody with a smile, you will be considered a pleasant and helpful person. People generally want those people around them. And even in an entirely selfish manner, this can work out, people will remember those who helped them out, or treated them well, and at the point where you need it, if they are able to help, they are much more likely to do so if you showed them respect first.

On the flipside of this, if you treat people dreadfully, they will also hold that, and are likely to metaphorically kick you when you are down instead. A culture built on fear (which is often mistaken for, but is not actually a form of respect) will result in people who are happy to backstab you without any regrets.

I will leave you all with that.


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