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Monday, June 26, 2006

Harrow Borough Councils Recycling Strategy

The London Borough of Harrow, one of Londons best and safest Boroughs, has recently changed the playing field on the topic of recycling.

There has been calls for recycling for many years, and most councils now offer collection services, although LB Harrow have now taken this to a new level.

Houses will be given a green box for recycling which can take paper, glass, plastic, maybe shoes and textiles (this one we know), and also a brown box for compostable vegetable and waste. However, while these will be collected weekly, non-green/brown waste collections will take palce only once a fortnight.

However, if that wasnt enough, Harrow have pushed the point home with penalties for not recycling. Thats right - if the green boxes are not used at all, residents face a bill of £75. If they continue not to use them, then being a repeat offender, they may actually face £1000 fines. While this comes across as heavy handed, it will seriously cut down the amount of landfill the borough has, a wise move given the amount of landfill London is producing.

But there are questions. Are flats and walkups covered? Having lived in such accomodation, we were never covered by any green boxes scheme. For some this means taking it over to a supermarket centre in a car - not a great option.

I invite comments on this one, let me know what you think, or your answers if you are an LB Harrow resident.


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