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Friday, December 02, 2005

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Science faces 'dangerous times'

We are getting closer to a point where the US nation may face some kind of mass movement - between the two major factions - the Scientists and Creationists.

Creationism needs to be exposed as the myth that it is - and to a mature person with a well rounded education, it is as laughable, yet interesting as the greek and egyption myths. It would make as much sense to teach the ability to make yourself immortal by being embalmed as it does to teach so called "Intelligent Design" in schools.

I do know intelligent design - it is what I do when I build devices, run programs etc. However - considering the number of vestigial items, considering that we now have the maladaptive trait of trying to keep ourselvres fat in an environment htat has rapidly changed from one of little sustenance to one of too much, it is plain to see that either the intelligent design was flawed, or maybe the more plausible explaination that evolution (being slow on a geological scale) has not caught up with a manmade environmental change that has taken place in about 4-6 centuries (a mere instant in geological timescales).

Why Lost weight can creep back on.

Understanding evolution has began to redefine medical science, and has began to give us great depth in understanding our species and those around us. Deep Time has allowed us to really begin to probe the universe. But for those that accept religeon - they may never understand these theories - and we are already familiar with the technological and pyschological regression that sums up the rural southern parts of the United States.


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