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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Crazy idea for barcoding bikes and guns

While surfing, I spotted an old artical on OrionRobots talking about extruding barcodes in gun barrels, bicycle frames and other metal articals so they are uniquely identified.
The Artical
Now this is an interesting concept - as it could seriously reduce cycle theft if someone registers their bike, and is a bit more permanent than a frame number. Again - it may also control gun crime and trading by being able to trace them.

While extreme libertarians dislike UID's on everything, surely they can see the benefits of guns, bullets and valuables that may be stolen being idenitifyable. And for that matter - it would have to be in the hands of police, or in suspicious circumstances for them to actually bar code it, presuming the process may mean making a cross section of it to get the bar code. In the case of guns, there are already techniques that can uniquely identify a gun and possibly trace it to its owner, and seller. The pitiful frame number on a bike is however easily filed away.

The question is how much are cycle manufacturers and gun manufacturers prepared to expend on this kind of thing. call me cynical, but it may not be in their interest to ensure bikes dont get stolen, as that way, fewer bikes are purchased. However, it could be argued that if they were to do so, more people who didnt buy bikes for fear of the cost of the theft would mean more sales of brand new bikes.

anyway - well done, another interesting idea in the blogosphere. Companies listen up - Orionrobots has freely licensed that for you to use! Do so!