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Friday, August 26, 2005

Shocking action from the US

The US have done it again. Mr Bolton, an Ambassador to the UN from the US, has clearly demonstrated the blatent disregard the US has for anything outside their borders.

His requests for 750 amendments to the UNs plans have shown at every term efforts to hamper any initiatives to recognise, and repair all forms of trouble in the world.

They have shown how little they care for third world poverty, third world trade, nuclear disarmament, pollution and the environment among other things.

The thing is, what they neglect to realise is that if they keep treating the world this way, it will come back to haunt them. Much of Central US supports the Bush administration, and they cannot understand, or comprehend that they are slowly turning even the rest of the o the western world against them. They are currently the most overtly aggresive nation on the planet - even North Korea only threatens violence. US have demonstrated they are only to happy to use violence.

They have currently almost shareholder corporate control over the UN - with a quarter of the UN's current funding coming from the US. This means that the UN has very little choice but to allow these very destructive changes to their proposals to be made - otherwise the whole document is dead in the water. But these proposals are only a little shy from that anyway - blunting at every turn any proposal which might actually improve quality of life for the rest of the world.

Americans deeply need to understand that there is a world beyond there borders, and that their current administration is offensive to it. They need to understand that while Tony Blair has been representing them, even he is beginning to have doubts, while many UK citizens protest against involvement or support of US activity. They need to see how much they have angered the French, the Germans, the Russians, the Chinese, the Japanese and are soon going to find they have very few supporters left. They have a foreign policy which is reminiscent of a bull in a china-shop.

The UN needs to be more independant, and may need to find independant funding - they should not be in the current position where they cna be bought by any nation.

Whatever this future will bring, we must not allow the US to be the sole controllers of it, they have only their own interests at heart, and mostly fail to recognise an international or global community. We cannot allow the sinister PNAC project to take control if international affairs.


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