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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Rise Of The Yobs

England has really got a serious yob problem. You cannot even go for a quiet afternoon in the park without seeing them.

The current raised alert level has meant there has been releif in that the sight of police officers tends to keep the yobs away, but that does not stop the tragic tales of Manchester.

Police forces have been confronted with accusations of racism towards the black community, but are still to face up to the chinese community there, where a takeaway worker was tormented for months, with no police action. In April 2005, him and his girlfriend were walking home, and the yobs set upon him and actually beat him to death. The distraught girlfriend chased them with a cleaver from the takeaway kitchen. The police arrested here, and the yobs walked free, and still return to the takeaway to taunt her now.

While she may have been wrong to take the law into her own hands, when the Manchester Police force are so negligent to see blatent harrassment and racism, and to let it escalate into a murder (as we also see in Merseyside), people wander what choice they have. Is they way to deal with abusive, and quite dangerous yobs to confront them? Vigilantism? Or is it to write your MP's, your newspapers, and confront the police - to say they must deal with this behaviour more. Low level antisocial behaviour - drunken violence, graffiti in public places and so on must be addressed, and while ASBO's are a step, what of the continued ignorance of racism and harasment in communities.

We can only hope that tradegies of that scale are not allowed to occur again.



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