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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Sad day for London

This week has been an eventful one. I was thoughtfully preparing an artical expressing my outrage over violence at the G8 protests, and the lack of African musicians at live8. Yesterday we won the right to host the olympics in 2012 - while I was concerned about the cost to Londoners, I was feeling elation and even beginning to feel a bit more respectful to Mr Blair...

Then THIS. This morning, I was lucky to have (for a number of reasons) a day off work. I normally travel through Central London - I could have been on a Central Line train. this horrific act was carried out by nothing but cowards. while I may be thory to religeous groups - please understand me that this was carried out by a small minority, an extremist, fundy minority. Most Muslims you see on the street are just as shocked, saddened and gutted as you - do not go throwing things at Mosques or eyeing them with suspicion - they are not the enemy.

The enemy are very hard to find and elusive, because they are a very small and tight knit minority. I do hope we find them. And I do hope they are at least imprisoned for the rest of their lives.

To the Islamic Extremist sites condoning this act- you are contemptible cowards, and deserve only pity - you narrow view shows how difficult it is for you to seperate yourself from Monkeys, how your neanderthal brains are stuck on stupid Tribal wars and seperatism which humans (supposedly) are trying to evolve away from. You retards represent the worst dregs of humanity. Butchers. Grow up, or get out - our society has no need or room for your kind any more. You are a relic, a genetic and mental throwback. Perhaps you need training - like a dog, to give you some form of mind. Acts like todays - are mindless.

My love and sadness goes out to those who have lost loved ones, my respect goes out to Tony Blair, and the agencies picking up the peices from this tradegy, and my support to every other Londoner - we stand together. We are one City, a city of Humanists, Muslims, Christians, Jews and every other denomination. While we may have debates and rattles - in the face of horror, we stand together, and show truly how great the people of this city can be.


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