The future as at best a haze. We can make or break it. My rants, visions, ideas and dreams hope to make a better future. Lets learn to live a better life. Raise your glasses (no it doesnt have to be alcohol - I am using orange juice!), and toast the future!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

For once the fundies actually do some good!

Sorry I havent posted for a while. I think I had blown myself out for a while with everything coming up to the election, and had much other stuff to consider.

Anyway - fundies are actually pushing the green corner! Well done to them. At last there is some proof of intelligence (or extelligence) in the christian fundamental community. Just when I was beginning to loose all hope that they had any between them too!

BBC NEWS | Americas | US evangelicals boost green lobby

Enjoy! I will toast to that.


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