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Friday, May 20, 2005

Nasty New Trends

This evil new trend of happy slapping is just a manifestation of the bullying that has gone on, fairly unchecked, through most schools. Yobbish culture, and a lack of respect in kids has turned them into nasty little thugs.

We could try and "rehabilitate" or "re-educate" the perpetrators of this crime (stampiung on her eye, serious head injuries and loss of a kidney among the results), or we could make a serious example of them as deterrent. While I would love to see effective rehabilitation - these kids knew what they were doing. And they definately knew the consequences. They are not young to realise they would have caused her serious harm, and compounded that by the insult of the phone movie. They are not going to learn much by being given a tax paid holiday to get told how they should be nice to others.

What is needed here is a serious peice of rough justice - the kids involved should be rounded up - and subject to some fairly lengthy interrogation to ensure they have all those involved. The kids who simply passed on the message should all have their phones removed. Those who were actually involved in the beating- well, I propose they are put away with a minimum customary sentance for attempted murder - since they took the girl so close to death. And whats more - the funds for their incarceration should be done on a governmental loan.

I despise student loans - students are trying to improve themselves and not be penalised - but a convict has clearly broken the law, and the rest of us should not cough up for their time at her majesties pleasure. Give them a nice big loan covering the food, accomodation etc of their cell. Explain to them that they can (at their own expense) get a nicer cell if they are prepared for a deeper loan. Give them an opportunity to do decent work inside to reduce it - that is real, commercially chargeable work, not useless manual labour. One way to implement this - and avoid prisoners coming out with huge debts and turning to more crime, is to set the initial term by the loan amount and a minimum number of years. The criminal would need to satisfy the minimum term, and may work in that time to reduce the amount. They may not leave until they have paid for the entire costs of their incarceration. They may (at taxpayers cost) go on courses to improve their skills and earn more - although those which dont actually work will still end up with a repayment term. And those too unpleasant or lazy to actually work (like the rest of us do anyway), can stay. I am sure the incentive to work hard and get out is there - in fact they could even actually contribute to the GDP and taxes while doing so! At last a method of turning the criminal element of society to a useful and productive group of workers.

Lets make an example of these evil kids, and test this concept on them first. Maybe it will act as a deterrent to other bullies out to cause GBH/ABH and attempted murder on their classmates.


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