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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Last Minute Warnings

A couple of parties have some very threatening policies:

UKIP want to actually scrap human rights, tell europe to go away and withdraw from the EU. This far right and authoritarian party are a group of neo-nazis - avoid like the plague.

Conservatives have actually proposed withdrawing from the 1951 Geneva convention, as well as bringing back hunting with dogs . Both this parties show little if any respect for life.

Anyway - for those that understand my preferendum (that p is intended) code (this is kind of like a geek code for manifesto policies of major parties created by the Lets Tick Together bunch):



As you can see- Liberals definately have the most policies I would like to see put forward - for those who have no idea what this means - the T codes are all liberal.

I am reserving my thoughts on GM - while I would like them to be well tested and definately considered for some time before full deployment- I dont believe we should complete reject the idea.

Anyway - tomorrow is the day. Get out there and vote for something - even if it is to spoil the paper and suggest you have no faith in the system. For those who dont even bother going - dont complain, you renounced your chance to help change things.


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