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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

LIb Dem will Scrap Council Tax

BBC NEWS | Election 2005 | Issues | Election issues: Tax and Spending

Reading into this - Liberal Democrats are proposing a more reasonable taxation system. Lets be fair, Council Tax does not do the job, and is opposed by many. A local income tax would be a great deal more suitable, and those at the top (with 100k+ sallaries) really should pay more.

This would also be a great deal fairer for the pensioners, and would probably lead to less public money spent chasing up those who (on principle) refused to pay council tax. While it is true that there are always those who attempt to evade it, at least its worth chasing a rich person who could actually afford it, rather than an aged person who simply does not have the money at all - and therefore could not pay it anyway.

Just to demonstrate I am not all talk, I have actually volunteered to go out and help the Liberal Democrats this week.


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