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Monday, April 25, 2005

Good reasons not to vote tory

While I want to sting Tony (really I do) for his mistakes in power, lets not bring something worse in when trying to hastily remove him.

Although in the site, they point out that the tories are not terrorists - here are some good reasons not to back them:

  • Micheal Howard gives people the creeps. Although one can hardly say you trust Tony Blair- at least you can predict what he is going to do when he fibs. Mr Howard is a very hard man to trust.
  • Fox hunting - for the folk who care, you can probably guarantee that one of the first things the Tory party will do is overturn the work labour have done to ban the hunts
  • Maggie - I know she is gone, but lets not forget her too quickly. Her legacy in the party does remain, and they are not "New Tories" like Tony was "New Labour" - expect more of the same policies
  • Iraq - While Tony did go in feet first, Tories are likely to tell Bush tomove over so they can have a crack. They are known for having a brash foreign policy - although that may be what we need to deal with the US at the moment.
  • Congestion - I know that the C Charge is unfavourable with motorists, but for those of us who travel in London, the air has become a little more breathable in the West End. Although because there is less congestion - the average speed and therefore danger factor to pedestrians have gone up - this brings me on to the next point:
  • Speed Cameras - While motorists dislike them, lets be honest - if you actually drove within the law then they wouldnt be a problem - without these the road accident figures would take a sharp rise, and tories would remove them.
  • Privatisation - again, Labours track record is that they have continueed with the tory legacy of privatisation, but Tories would push it furthar. Services which do not have viable competition offering the same of similar services and offering the consumer choice should not be privatised - for example the rail service. While the model works sometimes - it does not work always, and without competition is not actually true capitalism. How else but this do you expect Tories to attempt their proposed public spending cuts - which will be required for their proposed tax cuts?
  • Students - Tories always did and always will care even less about students than new labour. As it stands - more money is spent per head on the prison population than students - which is something I find deeply wrong.
  • Terrorism - while people a right in saying that Tony Blair is coming out with some quite deeply unnerving propositions for dealing with terrorism, dont for a minute think the Tories wouldnt have done the same, and a lot sooner to boot.
  • Housing Prices - While housing is expensive at the moment, under Tories it could see uncontrolled growth again - good for owners, bad for buyers. First time buyers are likely to dissappear off the market apart from the odd occasional multi-millionaire.

Be afraid, be very afraid - Tories will send this country backwards, Tony is not going anywhere. I am still going to be voting the libs, on the simple principle that they are not Tory, and they are not Tony.


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