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Monday, April 25, 2005

Fox Hunting

I think I have a solution to the current debate on fox hunting. Take all the pro-hunting lobby, rough them up a bit (to put them on even footing with foxes), and put them out in a field without any weapons. Then take the hunt ban lobby, and put them on horseback with a pack of unfed braying dogs. Then let the hunt ban people hunt the pro-hunting people.

This way the whole group get a deeper understanding of the situation- the pro-hunters (who survive) understand what it is like being chased by dogs and toffs on horseback and getting ripped to peices by a pack of vicious brute dogs, and the ban people get to understand the thrill of the hunt. You may find some of the pro-hunt are so disturbed they give up, and the anti-hunt people are so thrilled they take it up - but everyone gets a new experience... Hehe.. Hey - I might even get a tory head to put above my mantelpeice...


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