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Friday, April 22, 2005

"Earth Day" official site is (mostly) cosmic rot.

What a sad misuse of a name. Earth Day could have been about encouraging the responsible use of fossil fuels, being seriously aware of the impact you have when you fly dump, discharge CFC (or other harmful) gases, or leave on unused applicances draining power all Day. It could have highlighted the pros and cons of alternative energy, methods of creating more efficient devices and lower rates of energy consumption while still feeling the same benefits - even the simple act of wearing a jumper isntead of turning on the heating.

But no - it didnt. It was simply a cynical ploy to alleviate the guilt of the american public. The basic message was climb in your SUV and go to church, and you will be saving the earth. It is bad religeon and bad science. While I do agree with the idea of replacing Fear, Hate, Conflict and Greed with Peace and Love (no I really DO!) - we need to look to ourselves(not outside) to find the strength to acheive such things.

Lets be very clear on this - if we continue to run our planet into the ground - prayer wouldnt save us. Even if there was a divine entity - it would watch the utter contempt we have at the idea of walking 500 yards instead of driving, the way we treat our planet - and think "I will let these little idiots make their bed and sleep in it - so they may learn a divine lesson". After all - while the christian god may be forgiving (and lets remember - he is not all that forgiving, even after the floods he ordered massacres of thousands according to the bible) - he is not perceived as stupid - and we really need to learn to better manage our planetary resources.

And here you have it - International Earth Day and their Cosmic Quest really does not have much at all to do with conservation - it is to do with Christians hoping that if they grovel, their god might save them from their own ignorance. Maybe if they actually woke up and took a look past their sheltered view - they might be able to save themselves from their own ignorance..

People always looking to someone else to blame or save themselves - deserve what they get. I for one take responsibility for my actions - and as a matter of principle do not drive a car. I do wear a jumper, which saves on my heating bill as well as cutting my energy usage. I spend a bit of money and time cutting out draughts in the house and lagging pipes - so I can save a greta deal more money by not needing to heat the house, or my water as much. I resell, donate or recycle what I can, I use third party shared hosts (meaning not having one computer for each internet site) - saving power. I am aware of what I am buying into when I purchase certain companies products or vote certain parties. I also actively promote the concepts that I beleive in.

My real message here is to look at the bigger picture of the real world - see what is around you, and what you can physically help - instead of expecting some divine entity to do it for you. I am probably right in saying that the teachings of your own religeous books would say the same - to sort your self out as much as possible before turning to your god to support you - this is, after all, true strength of character.

Maybe the religeous among you would be better praying to your god to lend you the strength of character to take these things on - and then following through with conviction by carrying out that which you prayed for the strength to do. I suppose it is the equivalent of me meditating in a place to mentally prepare myself for something (psyching up).


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