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Thursday, April 28, 2005

BBC Panel on Voter Apathy

A number of people are discussing on the BBC why they are not willing to vote. In fact I know a few people who are going to the polling stations to write "I have no confidence in the system" and tick a box beside it.

BBC NEWS | Election 2005 | Have Your Say | UK voters' panel: Vanessa Walters
It is because of the situation of not being able to individually vote off the PM that websites like "" recommend voting Tory. But would you really want to vote Tory just to oust Blair? A agre that the consituency system might hold for local government, but that it is possibly the wrong way to vote the national government.

Apparently it is for those who have so little faith in our system (I would agree) it is flawed that the rather amusingly titled "Vote For Yourself Dream Ticket" party have popped up.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

LIb Dem will Scrap Council Tax

BBC NEWS | Election 2005 | Issues | Election issues: Tax and Spending

Reading into this - Liberal Democrats are proposing a more reasonable taxation system. Lets be fair, Council Tax does not do the job, and is opposed by many. A local income tax would be a great deal more suitable, and those at the top (with 100k+ sallaries) really should pay more.

This would also be a great deal fairer for the pensioners, and would probably lead to less public money spent chasing up those who (on principle) refused to pay council tax. While it is true that there are always those who attempt to evade it, at least its worth chasing a rich person who could actually afford it, rather than an aged person who simply does not have the money at all - and therefore could not pay it anyway.

Just to demonstrate I am not all talk, I have actually volunteered to go out and help the Liberal Democrats this week.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Veteran former Labour MP defects to Lib Dems, Gloucesters grey vote show their support!

Now people are coming out of the woodwork left, right and center to show their support for Lib Dems.
Veteran former Labour MP defects
Gloucester and the grey vote

After correlating this with You-Gov and Metro polls show ing that young city types are also lending their votes towards Lib Dems, then they seriously are now worth considering as a real alternative. If you want a tactical vote to take out Blair - then lend your support to the Libs as well.

Are there any other voters in North London here?

Monday, April 25, 2005

Good reasons not to vote tory

While I want to sting Tony (really I do) for his mistakes in power, lets not bring something worse in when trying to hastily remove him.

Although in the site, they point out that the tories are not terrorists - here are some good reasons not to back them:

  • Micheal Howard gives people the creeps. Although one can hardly say you trust Tony Blair- at least you can predict what he is going to do when he fibs. Mr Howard is a very hard man to trust.
  • Fox hunting - for the folk who care, you can probably guarantee that one of the first things the Tory party will do is overturn the work labour have done to ban the hunts
  • Maggie - I know she is gone, but lets not forget her too quickly. Her legacy in the party does remain, and they are not "New Tories" like Tony was "New Labour" - expect more of the same policies
  • Iraq - While Tony did go in feet first, Tories are likely to tell Bush tomove over so they can have a crack. They are known for having a brash foreign policy - although that may be what we need to deal with the US at the moment.
  • Congestion - I know that the C Charge is unfavourable with motorists, but for those of us who travel in London, the air has become a little more breathable in the West End. Although because there is less congestion - the average speed and therefore danger factor to pedestrians have gone up - this brings me on to the next point:
  • Speed Cameras - While motorists dislike them, lets be honest - if you actually drove within the law then they wouldnt be a problem - without these the road accident figures would take a sharp rise, and tories would remove them.
  • Privatisation - again, Labours track record is that they have continueed with the tory legacy of privatisation, but Tories would push it furthar. Services which do not have viable competition offering the same of similar services and offering the consumer choice should not be privatised - for example the rail service. While the model works sometimes - it does not work always, and without competition is not actually true capitalism. How else but this do you expect Tories to attempt their proposed public spending cuts - which will be required for their proposed tax cuts?
  • Students - Tories always did and always will care even less about students than new labour. As it stands - more money is spent per head on the prison population than students - which is something I find deeply wrong.
  • Terrorism - while people a right in saying that Tony Blair is coming out with some quite deeply unnerving propositions for dealing with terrorism, dont for a minute think the Tories wouldnt have done the same, and a lot sooner to boot.
  • Housing Prices - While housing is expensive at the moment, under Tories it could see uncontrolled growth again - good for owners, bad for buyers. First time buyers are likely to dissappear off the market apart from the odd occasional multi-millionaire.

Be afraid, be very afraid - Tories will send this country backwards, Tony is not going anywhere. I am still going to be voting the libs, on the simple principle that they are not Tory, and they are not Tony.

Fox Hunting

I think I have a solution to the current debate on fox hunting. Take all the pro-hunting lobby, rough them up a bit (to put them on even footing with foxes), and put them out in a field without any weapons. Then take the hunt ban lobby, and put them on horseback with a pack of unfed braying dogs. Then let the hunt ban people hunt the pro-hunting people.

This way the whole group get a deeper understanding of the situation- the pro-hunters (who survive) understand what it is like being chased by dogs and toffs on horseback and getting ripped to peices by a pack of vicious brute dogs, and the ban people get to understand the thrill of the hunt. You may find some of the pro-hunt are so disturbed they give up, and the anti-hunt people are so thrilled they take it up - but everyone gets a new experience... Hehe.. Hey - I might even get a tory head to put above my mantelpeice...

Friday, April 22, 2005

"Earth Day" official site is (mostly) cosmic rot.

What a sad misuse of a name. Earth Day could have been about encouraging the responsible use of fossil fuels, being seriously aware of the impact you have when you fly dump, discharge CFC (or other harmful) gases, or leave on unused applicances draining power all Day. It could have highlighted the pros and cons of alternative energy, methods of creating more efficient devices and lower rates of energy consumption while still feeling the same benefits - even the simple act of wearing a jumper isntead of turning on the heating.

But no - it didnt. It was simply a cynical ploy to alleviate the guilt of the american public. The basic message was climb in your SUV and go to church, and you will be saving the earth. It is bad religeon and bad science. While I do agree with the idea of replacing Fear, Hate, Conflict and Greed with Peace and Love (no I really DO!) - we need to look to ourselves(not outside) to find the strength to acheive such things.

Lets be very clear on this - if we continue to run our planet into the ground - prayer wouldnt save us. Even if there was a divine entity - it would watch the utter contempt we have at the idea of walking 500 yards instead of driving, the way we treat our planet - and think "I will let these little idiots make their bed and sleep in it - so they may learn a divine lesson". After all - while the christian god may be forgiving (and lets remember - he is not all that forgiving, even after the floods he ordered massacres of thousands according to the bible) - he is not perceived as stupid - and we really need to learn to better manage our planetary resources.

And here you have it - International Earth Day and their Cosmic Quest really does not have much at all to do with conservation - it is to do with Christians hoping that if they grovel, their god might save them from their own ignorance. Maybe if they actually woke up and took a look past their sheltered view - they might be able to save themselves from their own ignorance..

People always looking to someone else to blame or save themselves - deserve what they get. I for one take responsibility for my actions - and as a matter of principle do not drive a car. I do wear a jumper, which saves on my heating bill as well as cutting my energy usage. I spend a bit of money and time cutting out draughts in the house and lagging pipes - so I can save a greta deal more money by not needing to heat the house, or my water as much. I resell, donate or recycle what I can, I use third party shared hosts (meaning not having one computer for each internet site) - saving power. I am aware of what I am buying into when I purchase certain companies products or vote certain parties. I also actively promote the concepts that I beleive in.

My real message here is to look at the bigger picture of the real world - see what is around you, and what you can physically help - instead of expecting some divine entity to do it for you. I am probably right in saying that the teachings of your own religeous books would say the same - to sort your self out as much as possible before turning to your god to support you - this is, after all, true strength of character.

Maybe the religeous among you would be better praying to your god to lend you the strength of character to take these things on - and then following through with conviction by carrying out that which you prayed for the strength to do. I suppose it is the equivalent of me meditating in a place to mentally prepare myself for something (psyching up).

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Global voices speak through blogs

BBC NEWS | Technology | Global voices speak through blogs

Well done. Blogging is by far one of the best ways to communicate what you see- your perspectvie on the world. All we normally get from the media is a whitewashed, sanitized perspective which may be a long way from what is really going on.

There are a few other places that allow internet users to speak their mind, for example - with their "my area" pages and also the large number of forums. There are a lot of opinions, but also a lot of facts.

It is sad though that some Nations will still be prevented from taking part, for example the Chinese - who have an awful lot to say about their government were they permitted to...