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Sunday, March 27, 2005

The Religeous Are At it Again!

It looks like the religeous in England are trying to stir up exactly the same far right and extremeness that is occuring in the US. We must prevent this - or we will become a one religeon state. It is clear that Bush values rich white christian lives above anyone elses. I really hope we can show Blair to be different from this. We must reject the religeous groups trying to pressure the political groups.

Issues like abortion should not be down to these other groups - but down to the mother. Although there is a point in that the mother should have thought things through better before being a chavvy scum and getting herself pregnant early - it would be unfair to have a baby born into an environment wher it was resented, was not, and probably cannot be looked after properly - into a life of suffering and neglect. The mothers life, and any plans for the future are ruined (although it may be beleived anyone thinking that much about the consequences of there actions would not have allowed themselevs to get pregnant early).

There are however some interesting issues raised by one of the Clergy - that some parents may abort dependant on the childs sex, and this also may be selected durign IVF - this to me would be a bad idea - but not for the same reasons they state. BY tampering with the natural sex-ratio, we could end up headed for a disaster - with one sex vastly outnumbering the other - although I do not see that realistically happening - there are still enough entirely natural births to keep the numbers from becoming too far unbalanced.

This also raises another issue - it is the same idiots (pro-lifers/clergy) who protest against comprehensive sex-ed at school - thus preventing kids getting enough serious information to make the right choice, and avoid geting pregnant. If the catholic church want to see fewer abortions - then raise your absolutely bizarre contraceptive ban. Or do the church just hope their followers mate like bunnies until they outnumber every other division? This does not sound all that far fetched.

How many more lives will the barbarity of organised religeon ruin?

BBC NEWS | UK | Williams urges debate on abortion
BBC NEWS | UK | Abortion copies Nazis - cardinal


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