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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Nokia halts mobile fuel cell plan

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Nokia halts mobile fuel cell plan

This is a real shame. Nokia are a possible world leader in mobile technology, and the move to fuel cells would be a very welcome one - if for no other reason than to advance and push the technology furthar.

While I can understand the aircraft risks - I, and millions use mobile phones and travel by air around once a year. Since most people couldnt really use my mobile abroad without selling a kidney, this doesnt make sense.

I wonder if there are any other motivations behind this? I dont want to be too tin hat - but dont forget that fuel cell technology is touted as being able to replace the internal combustion engine - something the oil industry would fear very, very much. London already has a small fleet of fuel cell based busses.

I see it as the future. I am sure mobile phone companies, and even people agree firmly with me on it too.

I might even despise SUV's less if they were fuel cell based!


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