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Monday, March 21, 2005

Bush bids to save feed-tube woman

Not content with condoning the genocide of thousands if not millions of healthy men, women and children in Iraq (I do realise Saddam was not a nice man - but surely an assassination would have been better!), Bush and his religeous right wing fanatic supporters now deny a severely crippled woman the right to die.

Consider it - this woman is living a life with nothing to hope for. She is requiring constant medical attention - as even her autonomous functions are lapsing. Her brain damage is severe - and her husband can see her pain. Now I understand her other relatives would like to see her continue to live - but if she is in pain, and her life is going to be spent on a feeding tube - isnt it better that you let her go?

Unless there are vast advances in medical science (and lets be fair - most of the religeous zealots arent going to let that happen to easily), she really cannot live a "fulfilling life". Whats fulfilling about spending a life in an ITU?

The fact that a family matter has now been escalated through pro-lifers campaigners (who have no business interfering) through to the president himself is appalling.

I suggest the most humane, and logical way forward is to allow quality of life, medial and psychological experts assess her condition. Upon this the family and should make their final decision - and stick with it.

BBC NEWS | World | Americas | Bush bids to save feed-tube woman


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