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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Are people in China protesting as well?

BBC NEWS | World | Asia-Pacific | Taiwan rallies against China law

There is one thing that very few news articals will mention. I have a number of friends from China, who now live in England. Most of them give the impression, that although the Chinese government are making a stink about this - Chinese people have a lot of respect for what Taiwan have acheived. And were they not so likely to loose their heads for it - they would also be demonstrating.

To understand why China behaves so vicously towards Taiwan- it is an expression of embaressment, one of injured ministerial pride. The Taiwanese have shown how a democratic government can operate in Asia - a mark which the Chinese government is a long way off from.

China calls itself a peoples republic, but if you ask most Chinese people - the only people they truly serve are the greedy and proud ministers themselves. Dont be fooled- China has nothing but a dictatorship in place - there may be more than one minister - but the people have absolutely no affect over politics - and tend to wind up missing or dead for even suggesting they want anything to do with affecting it.

Dont worry- the poor Chinese probably wont be able to read this- the Chinese government operates a system of censorship which ensures criticism never reaches ther eyes of its subjects. Chinese people living in the UK are constantly amazed by the level of political satire in the UK, Rory Bremner would no doubt be hunted and executed for his show in China.

It sad that in this day and age some countries still have such dark governments - be sure to distinguish though between people and state - the people definately wnat different thing from the government- they are just not allowed to mention it while in China.


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