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Friday, February 04, 2005

Turn an eye towards Nepal

It looks like there is something serious brewing here. A perfect place to hide terrorist, massive human rights violations, and the preparation for a genocide.
The king has now sacked the government, he has stopped phone, and internet communications. He has arrested opposition, and student/community leaders to ensure they cannot make any move against him. He has banned the countries National media from publishing any stories which may cast him in a bad light.
In short - these people have been cut off. Their tongues, eyes and ears tied. Is it a much greater threat - at this point - to Global Stability and security than Iran? Iran is still allowing diplomacy, however weakly. But this King Gyanendra has already precluded that.
I realise the rebels were a threat -but was suspending democracy the way to contain it?
Perhaps this is a cry for help - and is it time for NATO, and the UN to declare a presence there? In the name of preventing major genocide, preventing clashes with the rebels(for the sakes of all parties in the state) and restoring peace and democracy to the state. This is not about "regime change", this is not an excuse for a solo invasion, but a mutlilateral effort. Ignoring the situation would be foolish at best.
What do you think?


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