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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Trains & Capitalism

Some people have differing ideals of the true free-market capitalism, and true socialism. The privatised trains are neither. Let me explain this.
A train system has no competing train systems in the same area - indeed the only other way to travel is to choose a different method completely - since there is no direct competition, there is very little motivation to improve.

This motivation, if any comes from government regulation. Although train companies are floated - and therefore shareholder controlled, they receive government subsidies to operate, and the government then fines them for bad practice - this all being tax and ticket payers money - may not make enough of an impact on the companies bottom line, more the treasuries and commuters.

In addition - remember that shareholders, as there is no true competative pressure, are inclined simply to increase shares, and money made - so they will be interested in running the system into the bare minimum, while getting the most out of taxpayers and fares.

Some fresh (or possibly) old thinking is needed on the train system. Privatisation does not work - and although there was a funding gap when they were publically owned, the difference between the amount of money invested by the taxpayer, and the amount of improvement to services, is greater now under the privatised system than it ever was on the public system.

All change please - it is time the shareholders left the trains...


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