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Thursday, February 03, 2005

They're not Tory, and they're not Tony

This week, like many others, I had a cold call from none other than the Labour Party. They had two questions - which were "Are you going to vote?" and "Who will you vote?". Now the first thing is it is a bit cheeky, in the face of what is meant to be a secret democratic ballot, to ask that - but I can only suppose they want to know what they are up against in the coming ad campaign.

I gave my answers. I wont consider the tories - so they neednt worry about that, but at the moment, with Tony at the helm - I am really not ready to lend my support to the labour party. And this exactly what I told her. The point is - Tony has made some grave mistakes, and has still not taken an honourable step down (or at least stepped back to see what he was doing). Between his current petty scuffles with Gordon Brown, his unforgivable treatment of the BBC - where Grek Dyke lost his job - even though it was not Greg who published the report, and it was Blair who quoted it in the commons - and without thinking - exaggerated, or incorrectly stated the facts in the report. Tony Blair has also given a great deal of support to George W Bush- when there is not much chance of that political support being returned. George is not interested in the UK. George is interested in one thing - himself. So Tony has, and continues to do a disservice to us all really - and I can carry on building my list of why he should step down.

The green party have some cute environmental ideas, but would only make sense if they were to hold coelition with an other party, and while the sentiment of Respect - the Unity Coelition sounds good, a do get worried with George Galloway being to much of a frontal figure. I am still not sure how much he can be trusted - although I may just be buying into a media smear campaign on his name.

If a party would like to get some brownie points - try thinking about putting the Simultaneous Policy into their manifesto.

Anyway - I have decided after all this to think of voting the liberal democrats. They only need one slogan to win this campaign - "We're not Tory, and we're not Tony". That should be enough. Lets just hope they make a strong enough campaign to get a lead.


  • At 6:16 pm, Blogger Bob Piper said…

    I wouldn't be too sure about the "We're not Tory" bit. The Lib Dems actually are Tony and Tory... and anything else you want them to be for a vote. For one flash of power they will scabble up that greasy pole and for a coalition with absolutely anyone. It won't happen though... they will slip back into their trough of despondence and shaft Charlie within a couple of weeks of the election.

  • At 10:41 am, Anonymous Steve Howe said…

    The Lib Dems are merely being what a prty should be - a broad group of people with a broad range of opinions. I am convinced that this election has the potential to change the face of British politics in that many people who inhabit that mythical middle England are scared of the extremism of Howard and are livid about the cult of personality that Blair has developed; the big winner will be Lib Dem.

    I fully expect a Labour win but with a massively reduced majority and I am hoping that we will have a real opposition in the form of a rejuvenated Lib Dem party. Howard has done nothing but appeal to the small minded hysteria of the Daily Mail reader and this will backfire; fortunately there is a groundswell of antifascism which will ensure that the Tory scum don't get a sniff of power, they just need to be engaged and encouraged that they can make a difference.

  • At 8:47 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    The Lib Dems are actually very consistent and reliable on civil rights and civil liberties issues -- it is simply *not* true that they will form a coalition with "absolutely anyone". Unlike Blair and the Tories, with detentions without trial and national ID cards.

    Their reputation as being "unprincipled" comes, perhaps, from *economic* issues, on which they are not doctrinaire.

    Frankly, I think civil liberties come first. If one of the other major parties supported civil liberties, they'd be worth considering. But they don't.


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