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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

RONCO - Inside the Shell Egg Scrambler

RONCO - Products
This sounded like a really cool idea. Imagine how disappointed I was to find it was simply a flaying needle. I thought they were doing something cool like spinning the egg or using magnets.

Anyway - I may have to try one, though I am a little timid of the hard boild egg option- given that you have a hole in the bottom, wouldnt the egg flow out while boiling?

I only found out about when reading the BBC artical on the greatest gadgets:
BBCC News - Apple Laptop is 'greatest gadget'

I think great gagdets they have missed is the zip and the palm pilot. My favourite of all time would have to be... my mobile phone. I know its nothing super new, but its the one gadget I cannot bear to leave the house without - it is one of the gadgets that made house-hunting and job-hunting a lot easier and it puts me in instant reach for my wife (a bit of a double edged one that). I dont have a camera phone, and for the moment my phone and PDA are seperate.

Anyway - lets toast the future, and look forward to the new wave of gadgets to come... Lets hope recyclability, and reuse feature as highly as style and function. Have a thought for all the old phones, walkmans and discarded mp3 players.


  • At 12:57 pm, Blogger thehumanist said…

    Update - BBC are carrying this artical - Finding new homes for old phones.

    So returning phones has a threefold benefit. It will probably give you a discount on your new phone, it will help the environment and it will also help people in poorer nations benefit socially-allowing them to join the world of mobile communications. All of which are good steps to a better future all round.. I will toast that with Chardonnay!


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