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Friday, February 25, 2005

Reformed Alcoholic From Oxford Street

I cannot beleive they let that gimboid preacher from Oxford Circus on the TV. The one who is pretty obviously a born again after trouble with either alcohol or drugs. The guy is a bit of a menace, as I have seen him become aggresive and violent with bystanders on more than one occasion, and he also does things like climb on packed tube trains and start preaching with a megaphone (sure not to go down to well with tired commuters).

He can preach what he likes, but dont force it upon us, not in my earhole. There is a time and place for it- its called church, and those who chose not to go there shouldnt have to hear it. For any street or door-to-door preachers, the fact is that you are not going to convert me (I am a firm Humanist), you are only going to annoy me. And yes, I will ask awkward logical reasoning questions about your Holy-Books, and point out where they contradict and do not stand up to scrutiny when a door-to-door guy calls.

If you want to use effort to "save" people, it may be much better directed, and much better for society, if you actively counselled the homeless - many of them who require counselling and trustworthy friends more than money will truly help them. If you really want to "make a difference", then get involved in a charity. But the strongly devout have already proved they arent interested in that - only a couple of posts below they were in the news for denying a £3000 donation to a cancer charity because it came from Jerry Springer, The Opera.

I am forced to come to the conclusion that they are just the same as the marketing and legal departments of any mega-corporation - for example McDonalds or Microsoft, who really only care about promoting their product, and are prepared to stamp on anyone who says anything they dont agree with. Religeon is obviously just the most effective marketing campaign ever.


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