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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Property Market Outlook

upl_271.pdf (application/pdf Object)

What an interesting report. How amazing it is that Estate Agents continue to create misleading documents to bring house prices (and their commision) up.

The part I find most alarming is their attempt to rubbish Mr Prescotts admirable attempts to make affordable, environmentally friendly housing.

Equally - bear in mind RICS have a vested interest in keeping cheap property off the market, too much stock lowers prices, cheap stock also, and considering surveyoprs fees are often based on the property price - they want prices to go up. Good quality cheap housing lowers business - bad old crusty places means they get repeat business while the same poor buyer finds time and again that the market is flooded with expensive trash.

Let me assure Mr Prescott - if he builds it - we will buy them. I would prefer a modern build to some damp old period conversion in Canning Town, or being stuck in a rental market with landlords who have little respect for tennents. I suggest the Estate Agents bite a bit of reality - obviously they have let their ridiculous commisions go to their heads and will continue to let the first time buyer market down. I hope the government stamp hard on these dishonest, cynical and misleading businesses, and give people a hope of living in somewhere that isnt a shithole for once.


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