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Sunday, February 13, 2005

On the apology from Blair

Tony Blair has apologised to the Guilford Four and their families (including the Macguire seven). The thing is, why not apologise to Iraqi's for killing their countrymen in the name of non-existent Wmd. Why not prevent furthar similar miscarriages of justice with current anti-terror laws. Lets be quite transparent about the evidence(once the case is built), lets allow the submission of intelligence dossiers, phone taps and email intercepts as evidence, as long as once they are submitted for evidence they are presented before the court. If a person really is intent on these cowardly acts, then use a very strong prosecuting lawyer and try to provoke/trick them into revealing their true loyalties.

I can’t pretend I truly understand the complexities of dealing with terrorism, but to sacrifice enough liberty to detain without trial and sufficient evidence is not the answer. Maybe we should look to discrediting the terror lords, while addresing root causes such as invasions for oil, poverty, censorship, lack of education, too much religeon and inequality.


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