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Friday, February 11, 2005

Michael Jackson

Yet another child molestation accusation in the media and courts. I am not sure which disturbs me more, the possibility that he really did it, or that some sick puppy thought that a hoax of this kind was a neat way to get money. Its a bit catch 22 really- the only way to proove innocence would have been to submit to 24hr camera surveillance (this is retrospective). But consider this, if Michael Jackson really did naively share his bed with the minor- it might be considered distasteful & worse to be filmed.

The moral - never trust anyone that much Jacko- not even kids. Ensure that you don't leave yourself open to such accusation. Get some adult friends and leave the kids to social workers, parents and teachers. After all- the real responsibility for their welfare falls firmly on the parents, the responsibility of ensuring the awareness and preparation falls with the government, and grandparents. If you really want to help - go give some money to a decent charity.

Either way, expect the poor kids at the center of this to be truly messed up - fine they might come off rich, but at what cost?


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