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Friday, February 18, 2005

L33tsp34k for the luddite classes | The Register

L33tsp34k for the luddite classes | The Register
I find this artical both amusing, and yet important. Many parents are deferring, or simply denying responsiblity for the action fo their kids. I have long been a gamer, but when I saw GTA: San Andreas in the hands of a nine year, old realised that his mother had bought it with no idea of its content - then this artical made a lot of sense.

Beleive me - I dont think games would generally make bad kids, but ratings are there for a reason, and a parent MUST be informed and active in their childs game choices. The actions of any child are directly attributable to the adults around them - so parents need to take resposibility.

There appears to me to be a world of difference between me enjoying San Andreas (and knowing that gangland culture portrayed is more likely to make you fucked up than cool) and a nine year old who may try to emulate what he sees in such a game. Only a very disturbed or retarded adult would be in danger of doing the same. Saying that- the last category may apply to a great deal of the right wing gun freaks in the States...


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