The future as at best a haze. We can make or break it. My rants, visions, ideas and dreams hope to make a better future. Lets learn to live a better life. Raise your glasses (no it doesnt have to be alcohol - I am using orange juice!), and toast the future!

Friday, February 11, 2005

Iran and Nuclear Weapons

Iran and North Korea (DPRK) should not be allowed Nuclear weapons, but I also see the two faced-ness, nor should America. Lets face it, having GWB with power over nukes does feel a little like giving a ten-year-old cowboy wannabe a real Smith & Wesson. Maybe that’s Because GWB has the mental capacity and mindset of said 10 year old. Sigh.. I blame the parents (DNA/Upbringing- its all their fault).


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