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Thursday, February 03, 2005

I only drink when I choose to

I am not a teetotal - that would imply I am making a commitment never to drink. I only drink when I choose to. I am confident to order an orange juice at a bar and not feel that I am somehow compromising my manhood by doing so. I am happy to remain sober - although it can get strange being the only sober one in a room full of tipsy people.

Dont you find it strange, that one has to go to such great lengths to justify your choice of abstention from a pasttime of consuming something which, on the whole, is actually not very pleasant tasting (with some exceptions), and somewhat damaging. I find it unusual that to gain any respect, one is expected to be fully participant (lunchtime/after work drinks) or fully teetotal.

Of course - the answer to this is maybe to stop worrying as much about what others think - and just get on with what makes you comfortable. The less shallow people won't dessert you just because you ordered lemonade on thursday night.


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