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Friday, February 18, 2005

Freedom and Privacy versus sensible policing

While I disagree with a big brother state - lets be clear on my views on privacy.

I dont consider myself a total liberalist, and when forming a full opinion - the world really is not as one dimensional as conventional political banter tries to make it.

My feelings on this are that when you are in your home, your are entitled to privacy. When you are in a public place, then you are not - that is, you should not be indulging in activities which do not hold up to scrutiny in a public place. Sure - a wee on the way home from the pub, or a quickie in the fields is hardly a problem, but vandals, yobs and muggers are rife in the worlds cities.

A great deal of this stems from kids truanting from school - which is also a public place where you should assume no automatic right to privacy (the exception to this being the toilets). A recent case:

These parents are obviously concerned with their kids privacy, but were parents more active in being concerned with their childrens activities (and taking responsibility), then such measures wouldnt be needed. If parents were making sure there kids werent taking knives to city schools and stabbing each other for mobile phones, and parents were keeping track of what their kids did in evenings, then the vast number of youths involved in such situations would drop.

It may seem like a big brother measure - but cameras in the streets or a greater police presence may be the only way to stem the growing crime problems - and also to lower the possibility of terrorism.


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