The future as at best a haze. We can make or break it. My rants, visions, ideas and dreams hope to make a better future. Lets learn to live a better life. Raise your glasses (no it doesnt have to be alcohol - I am using orange juice!), and toast the future!

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Favourite Places

I feel it is only fair to share some of that greasy PR goodness with sites I really like. So here are a selection of them:

- Stumble upon is a neat way to discover stuff similar to other stuff you really like. A great source of fun. It also gives a good means to share your favourite sites with others. - Here appears to be someone who wants to share knowledge and advance us. It is exactly the kind of invigouration we need. - This is an excellent way of listening to what I want. Most music is pure chaff, but this allows me to filter down to what I really like, and then prospects to find new stuff that is similar...
UserFriendly - I must admit I am an avid reader of the comic. I have lurked as a reader for a long time, and the comments are always good fun too.

I am sure I will think of more stuff I like, but until I do thats all your getting!


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