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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

BBC NEWS | UK | Councils chew over gum tax plan

BBC NEWS | UK | Councils chew over gum tax plan
While I generally find many taxes annoying, taxing people for anti-social habits (like chewing gum to pay for cleaning up the mess) seems entirely reasonable.

Whats more, in response to one comment on that page (Alan Pope, Farnborough), I say why not tax smokers for the butts. If they are not decent enough to put them out properly and bin them, then why should the rest of us be made to pay for their mess.

I saw the gum board system implemented reasonably well when on holiday in Bournemouth, and it certainly is one way of dealing with the situation, as long as it is well placed. Putting targets, or silly images to actually add a little fun into it could definately help.

Maybe they should put big gum collection posters on the hoardings on the underground (although Chicago seems to do this job fairly well in most stations).

One poster there argued that the tax may make spitters feel justified in that they are "paying for the privilege". To that I say- tax more and raise the stakes. They need be thankful that we dont take singapore measures, and should correct there habits and those of others to avoid such a situation.

I love the idea of a litter lout, having been caught, being made to do litter removal jobs (in community service) for a month - so they are sick of it.

I do sometimes chew minty gum - to freshen breath, but I then responsibly wrap it in a tissue, and bin it when convenient - it doesnt take much, but then I am well known for leaving the house prepared.

My own idea for educating the kids is this, get them to work long and hard on some really nice pictures/artwork. Then later on, stick a peice of thoroughly chewed gum to each of their peices, and let them later behold the ruin to their work - explain to them that this is exactly what they do when they spit gum - only it might be someones work, someones shoes, someones jacket, or the actual city and pavement themselves. Social Responsibility needs to start to be taught somewhere.


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