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Monday, February 21, 2005

BBC NEWS | Technology | Global blogger action day called

BBC NEWS | Technology | Global blogger action day called

Blogging is a way for many, many people to express their views. For a government to be surpressive enough to imprison people for keeping their online diaries is a serious state, and an affront to freedom of speech.

China has also made its view on these things clear - and let me just remind any government that supressing peoples speach may do more damage to their PR, than actualy letting someone write something that may not be favourable about them. Being viewed as a government with a few faults is less problematic than being viewed as a government with more faults than they are prepared to admit.

I may complain about Tony Blair, and George Bush - but I do respect them for the fact that I am not prevented from doing so. It is one thing I will always bear in mind when comparing our government to others less developed than our own.

Have faith in the future though- these governments, through internal, and international pressure will eventually grow up a little. I imagine their information ministries as 10 year old kid shouting "Im not listening!" with fingers in their ears...


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