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Monday, February 21, 2005

Backing Blair :: Campaign Weblog

Backing Blair :: Campaign Weblog

This is an amusing satire site, it points to the overwhelming fact that the labours would be a good bet if it wasnt for Tony. I will say it again, if you want a real option, think Lib-Dem, they're not Tory, and They're not Tony. If you wander why Tories are a bad option, ask those who actually had the misfortune of living under prolonged Tory Rule, the Cast Iron Bitch and later the Grey Man.

And lets be fair - you would be pretty gullible if you found Mr Howard any more trustworthy than Mr Blair. Give lib-dem a chance - true they might not f*d things up yet because they havent had the opportunity, but we might as well see if they will do something different.


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