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Friday, February 04, 2005

The aftermath of War

Currently, they have a magazine artical running at the BBC on the Anti-War Marches -

I was in the marches in London. I was there on the 15th feb 2003. I beleived the war was wrong then, and wrong now. Anyone who really thinks that the war has ended is very much deceived.

While it has established a possibility of some form of democracy, this is at the price of stability and peace in the Middle East. While I do support democracy, and freedom, I am not sure we had the right to intervene. What we basically did was launch an unprovoked attack because we were a little paranoid and we didnt like Sadam. I didnt like Sadam either - but this was not the way to have dealt with him.
What the UK and US have done, is the international equivalent of going next door, and beating to death a slightly annoying neighbour - which would make us the guy looking to get an ASBO on neighbourhoods from hell.

In fact there is no single event (beyond perhaps Isreal itself) that will stir up so much hate directed out from the militant Islamic groups.

We have poked the Hornets Nest.. We are only just beginning to comprehend what we have unleashed.


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